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What are CC Tokens?

A cutting-edge digital currency backed by the Algorand blockchain, offering a total supply of 10 million tokens designed to enrich our crypto gaming community of 1000s of people in the next decade.

Weekly Airdrops

At, logging in weekly earns you free CC Tokens! 3 million tokens are up for grabs in our exciting airdrop program. It's as simple as that!

Earn While You Hold

Investors, you're in for a treat! With our staking feature, deposit and lock your CC Tokens for a set duration, and watch them grow, just like earning interest on your bank deposits.

CC Tokenomics

Optimized for stable value growth

Number of CC Holders
1690 people
  • Worldwide Community
  • 4,737,634 / 10,000,000 issued
  • 3,000,000 remaining for staking
  • 90% of 4,000,000 locked
  • CC Foundation invests in growth
Current Price
$0.0437 / CC
  • Growing Value
  • 567,209 CC in circulation
  • 165,563 CC burned
  • Crypto Fish
  • NFTs, staking & bitcoin fishing
Market Capitalization
  • Multiple Platforms
  • 4,535,906 CC in
  • 19,823 CC in Crypto Fish
  • 3,723 CC in Exchange
  • 1,373 CC in Crypto Fish exchange